Facebook: Account Temporarily Unavailable – An Error message from Facebook Account

Have you experience error message when you log into your Facebook account? like this? Account Temporarily Unavailable. Then it says like this:
“Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.”

If so, then you are the same as me. Recently, I often experience such a good experience. I do not have any reason for this. I just can guest. The possibilities may include:

    fb account already too big such that the server cannot afford to serve them yet
    you have too many friends
    fb want you to feel not good
    fb want you to feel that you are very dependent on fb
    You already access fb too often

I tend to the last reason “You already access fb too often”. So when you experience error message like “Facebook: Account Temporarily Unavailable.”, then you must close your facebook account and go out for some real interaction with real human beings. You must talk with your friends, husband/wife, sons, daughter, father, mother, etc. This will be better for your health. Too much facebooking is not good for your mental/emotional health. So it is time to have a nice break from facebooking.

Final advice: don’t make yourself be too dependent on fb. Always take a reserve thinking that you always make backup of your data saved in your facebook account. Oh, is this not reversed? What is correct? Facebook is your backup for your real social networking? Or, your real social networking is the backup for your virtual facebook social networking?

Healthy people will always depend on their real social networking, whereas facebook is considered only as supplement/complementary.


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